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This year on my allotment i really want to grow sunflowers,Tallest, big head types.and for cutting.
I do wish to join in competition sunflower growing are there many competitions going on? I live in Surrey ,I grow a few this year (2008) and it was a joy to see them grow and  add color to the allotment,they did not grow to tall.
Happy New year

Welcome to the site Redfig... I like to grow a few on the allotment to liven up the entrance/driveway. My best is 14'8" but then OH grew some cutting sunflowers too close and contaminated the seed...  :-X
With last year's competition I didn't get over 8'.  ::)
Hope you enjoy the site and have a wonderful year down the lottie!

Welcome to the best gardening/allotment site you will find. Pull up a chair the kettle is about to boil ;D

Welcome, redfig! Ask away about anything,  not just sunflowers.

We managed to grow some at about 12ft last year on the lottie. These went in late. Our lottie neighbour had really tall ones with the same seed as he planted earlier. Am happy to send you some if you would like. Not sure on the variety as they were saved seed. A cutting type with lots of heads per plant.


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