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I'm Getting Itchy Feet!

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I've got my name on the waiting list at two different allotment sites, both privately owned.

The first one is full and each plot is immaculately looked after. Don't know how far down the list I am but have been warned that it will be a long wait.

The second one I'm number 2 on the list. I have a friend who has an allotment at this site. My friend tells me that three of the plots are neglected and about 6ft in weeds. My friend feels I should keep phoning the chap who organises the site and pester him to send the existing tenants notices saying that their plots will be re-let if they don't clean up their plot. I am tempted to do this. I really would like to get stuck in and start clearing and preparing the site so that when spring comes I am ready to start.

Should I be more pushy or should I wait patiently? I'm not really the pestering type of person but it seems such a waste to have plots full of weeds when others are enthusiastic to get working.  :-\

You could 'pester' in a nice way, Jess.  Just keep saying how keen you are to start, how you have experience in gardening but need to expand and the fact that you have a friend already there might help too.  Can't do any harm that way but maybe saying he should evict people might make him think you are telling him how to do his job - just an idea tho!

Roy Bham UK:
As you know Jesseveve I have had my fingers crossed for a plot coming up on Wednesday, I hope I’m lucky, if I get it, ::) it will seem that I was very lucky having heard of the time peeps have been kept waiting to till that land as I have only recently made the enquiry.

To hear story’s of tenants being allowed to neglect their plots maybe simply because they keep up the yearly rent is grossly unfair, :( as this deprives new blood to take over and make the land fertile again.

Or is it because the amount of revenue they gain from it makes the powers that be not give a shoot. :(

I would pester them politely and firmly, sell yourself, show your enthusiasm in writing, tell them the feedback you have had from this allotment on how well it has been kept and how you would like to contribute by rejuvenating a neglected plot. >:(
 Gotta be better than just waiting. 8)

Roy ;)

Hope the weather improves for you Roy.  No fun in the rain!

Roy Bham UK:
We have welcomed this last burst of rain ;) albeit through the night, I heard a few claps of thunder  :o and peering out the window it feels fresher.  :) Just hope it hasn't filled my pond too much as I am going to be working in it when the rain stops. ::)

Roy ;D ;D


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