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Cold Frame lid care


My cold frame lids are in a pretty dire state - the wood is very soggy at this time of year and the glass is loose. Once they've completely dried out I was thinking of filling them and painting them to try and make them last - is this a good idea ?


Other than dismantling, drying out, painting and reassembling, which is a lot of fiddling, I can't see why not.

However, there'll be lots more experienced advice winging it's way to you

Best of luck  :)

The gardener:
I overcame that by using a timber frame and aluminium glazing bars ( ex an old greenhouse)

With patent glazing i.e. 'clips' I can remove the glass in summer and use the frame for other things.

see picture;

I used an old perspex shower door for the lid on my coldframe - no maintenance, lets in lot of light and only minimal frame area - obviously picked out plain glass one.  Got if from the local tip fo £2.


Mrs Ava:
ooooooooooo gardener, that is a very nice cold frame indeedy!


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