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Anyone here use a Flame Gun?

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being lazy, I bought a flame gun(Sheen X300) with hood and trolley to weed, and when it arrived it was a tad bigger than I thought it was when I ordered it.  Erm :) Well, I'm tempted to paint ACME on the side and make meep meep noises, but seriously, how do I use this thing safely and sensibly :-?  



We used one for a long time, and it's fine for knocking back young weeds, and surface seeds but, with the greatest care, it is only too easy to wilt your partner's favourite Solomon Seal - or something - so I bowed to her wishes!
Weeds don't need to be burnt to a frazzle - just severely frightened. = Tim

Hi Tim,

I've oodles of space, so, my plan is to have one (or at most, two) row of plants per metre leaving plenty of space to pull the flame gun through at regular intervals.  Is that about right?

many thanks,


I tried the flame gun when i first got my lottie as it was like a jungle, only problem was i set fire to ALL of it and had to get the fire brigade in to douse the flames and my red face  :-/ .

C(c)innamon - the hood should prevent a mischief - just use your nous! ! = Tim


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