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New allotment committee needs help


Hello Everyone,

We set up a new committe as our previous committee dwindled over the years.  No one knew what the basic rules are and our local council was not a lot of help.  We got some information from the Office of the Deputy Prime Ministers Web site. We need information on obtaining any grants (if possible) and what security measures local councils must provide - local teenagers have ripped out veg and plants broken into sheds (infact they actually burnt mine to the ground).  We would be graeful for any help.  thanks Debbie  :-/

Hi Debbie - a couple of other sources?

Good luck - Gavin

I also was going to suggest and also to wish your new committee all the very best of luck and i hope everything goes well for you all.

Hiya, and welcome.

There must be Regional Committee where you are.  National will know and will advise you on the contact person.

The best guide for running a committee is

ABC of Chairmanship by Citrine (Lord)

Available at  WH Smiths or at approx £7

Best of luck!


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