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Do a google on "green gym"?  Some of these are based on allotments - some ideas there?

All best - Gavin

Thanks Gavin - yes there are some great ideas there.
Maybe BTVC would be able to help - and also noticed Friends of the Earth are doing things on allotments in one area.

Hi Sarah b

The major thing that worked for us was to design and distribute posters advertising vacant plots. We just made them A4 size and printed them on home computers, and one of us also photocopied some onto coloured paper. This kept the costs down to a minimum.

Then we put them up wherever we could think of. The library, healthfood shops, Doctors surgeries, but mostly just in people's living room windows!

We made them eye-catching, and stressed the benefits - Fresh air, exercise, fruit, vegetables, flowers, with bird song as an added bonus.

We don't need them any more, because our site is now FULL!! and we have a waiting list of 10. When we started the campaign, we had only 50% occupancy, ie we had about 28 plots vacant.

It certainly can be done, and it needn't be awkward, time consuming or expensive!

Love and compost

Thanks Linda!
Actually things are really looking up on our site. Apparently there are only 14 plots left vacant (although that was a figure quoted before the rents were due - so I imagine some tenants won't show up to pay for next year).
But what seems to be happening is that there is more of an "allotment-taking-trend". I think it is partly to do with local advertising, but also to do with media coverage of allotments in general and food scares. Whatever it is, I'm really pleased that people are taking on the plots. Retention of newcomers is definitely the next challenge.


Andy H:
Amazing,well done.I have lived in my home town for 39 years and never knew about the existence of the plots! I think the same is the case in many places, I may not have been interested in the past and this is a new trend for me but thoroughly enjoyng it, If I told people what I had grown and the benefits and the VALUE compared to the shops, then many people would be amazed, although the work put in/hours workedXvalue it is not so good but you get food without additives and excersice and fresh air etc.
I think the awareness of allotments is a good point but also chatting to perspective plot holders about the work involved and benefits would help.

saying that... there are many plot holders I have never met cos they are early birds and I am weekend plotter! ;)


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