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Old potatoes ??


I have recently taken over an allotment in Stockport. the previous plot holder had not removed all his old potatoes and whilst digging through to remove all the bindweed and marestail roots , I have unearthed alot of old semi rotted potatoes.

Are these compostable ? If not how would you dispose of them.

I have bagged up all the bindweed  and marestail, I guess these are best kept away from the heap and simply binned. Although I did read that virtually anything organic if black bagged for long enough will rot down ??

I think general advice is not to compost potatoes, nor onions, in case you transfer disease into compost.

Mrs Ava:
...and the spuds grow  :o.  I have chucked potato peelings on my heap before, and within no time at all, they are growing.  That said, I do still bung tatty peelings and onion peelings on my heap.  


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