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OK. As I say, there are many types of catch...
This is a straight slider.

This is a pretty bulky 'side of thumb' thing.

This is what Felco use these's a screw adjustable one on account of people had trouble with the older one working loose!!!

...and this is the one you have, Tee Gee. A rivited one.

To tighten...(I just did it on mine). Put the cutters (closed) on a solid surface with the rivit upwards. I used the side of my vice to make sure they were flat and that the opposite side to the rivit was flat to the vice.
Then hit the rivit top with a hammer! Don't over do or you'll make the fasterner too tight. Try one hit and test. Then a bit harder until you're happy with it.
That's it. Worked OK at my end!

This is a very old thread but I have always remembered it so thought I would bump it up in case anyone would like to service their secateurs. It's definitely something I need to do!


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