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Wyevale - Horrfically overpriced!

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I live in Croydon and we have a Wyevale nearby. I had to go in there the other day and was disgusted with the price of the seeds/potatoes/ onion sets etc. I normally go to the "Greenfingers Club" which is a shop attached to a local allotment site. i generally find their stuff to cost about a half to a quarter of that in Wyevale. The only problem is that they are only open for a couple of hours a day at weekends.
Does anybody here go to Wyevale, or a similr centre?

Only when the sale is on!  Half price seeds or less is Autumn ...

Never  I can't afford their prices unless i rob a bank  ;D.

Mrs Ava:
There is a Wyvales close to my mums, and the only thing they are good for is a visit pre-christmas with the kids as it is like santas grotto, and a nice cup of coffee.  They are outrageously over priced.

my sister is a grower in the one in crowland and even she agrees that its dead expensive! great christmas decs though!


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