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Thanks everyone... I'll have a look at them ;D

That`s a pretty impressive list-would add    for bulk purhase

and   for a superb range of tomatoes and peppers.

This may sound like sour grapes but I think that `Jekka` is highly over rated and VERY expensive.

Stephan.-oh and I think T&M are overly pricey as well

Ooooh, how I wish you were using Euro's. So many wonderful seed companies and I can't use them for the small orders I would have because paying for them would be too complicated and costly.

Now don't bite my head off, all I'm saying is that it would make it so much easier for me to order things from England. I share the Kitchen Garden Magazine with another board member and I see so many interesting offers in it but alas, someday maybe.

Thanks to all you helpful peeps with the seed catalogues....

My next question is how about garden centres in the Bolton/Wigan area?  All of the ones I have found are full of tat and coffee shops, but very few actual plants!!!! ::)

Sorry I didn't spot this earlier - I usuallu lurk on the edibles!!

I've put a list of seed suppliers split into general, veg, heritage veg and organic (suppliers can be in more than one) it's at

For veg I go for Kings, they are good on price, have a large selection and actually grow and import all their own!!

They're on the web but ask for one of their catalogues - it has lots of good advice


Oh, and welcome and garden centres are very much the same these days - at least most of them have got rid of the Christmas stuff by now!!


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