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Wood-and just a tip--when you put the padlock on fix it so the bar covers the screws. It`s not how it`s `meant` to go but what`s the point of having a padlock when some toerag can just unscrew 4 little screws?


Without a doubt, go for a wooden shed every time.  The metal sheds may look nice and last for a while but the biggest problem with them is condensation inside.  This is caused by varying temperatures througout the day and night.  Wood has a natural tendancy to absorb the moisture, it all helps keep everything dry and rust free ETC.

Tall Trees:
Whilst we are on security a point to note is the most common way of entry into sheds around my area (and shed theft is very prevalent at the moment) is to take an electric screw driver undo the hinges in seconds and use the padlocked side as a hinge.

The best tip is to replace at least one screw per hinge with a bolt and nut.  Best to do this to any fixings locks, hinges, hasp and staples etc.

A bar across the window on the inside so the opening is to small should they be able to break the window.

After all this wood is by far my first choice easy to repair and fix to a base (great if you can get some railway sleepers).


One of the best tips i had for shed security and by the way my tip would be wood over metal anytime, is to put superglue in the screw heads and seal them up. That way no-one can get a screwdriver into them. I also put on two lots of locks top and bottom with padlocks on each. Might just make them think twice before having a go. We are looking for a shed as well and like you the choice seems endless. Hope you get what you need.

Mrs Ava:
....unless you are Jethro of course who had his beautiful wooden shed burnt to the ground at the weekend  >:(


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