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The shed we inherited on our allotment last year is (only just) on its last legs.

Been looking for possible replacements, but am unsure about wood or metal as the best option. I've found models in both materials which I like, but don't know about the pros / cons of each.

Will wood rot too quickly, will metal turn into a drum when it rains?

Any advice appreciated.

:-* Tricia

wood is treated, should be ok as long as you build a GOOD base for it and raise it up from the mud.

metal would also be like an oven in the summer !!

We have little concrete ones on ours. No windows tho  but very secure.
Will be building wooden extension tho...if only to help catch the rain for the butt

We saw a nice looking metal shed on our neighbours plot turn into a horrible pile of twisted metal.

Don't seem too good in strong winds  :(


It's just gorra be wood!
Treated well it will last for years.
Raise above ground using well pretreated 3x3 or 4x4 running at right angles to the floor braces.  (I think that's what they're called, forgotten the proper word!)
Best place for advic eis a local wood store/yard and you may find that thye will build to your paln and erect your shed.  Mine is!  ;D (Smug mode)

Thanks for the feedback

:-* Tricia


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