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Do any of you wonderful guys know how to stop rats eating my broard beans.I,ve planted 3 packs and they ate the lot.I,m all for feeding the local wildlife but rats eeek yuk.Angie

I started mine indoors (I don't have a greenhouse) in pots. Might be worth a try.

Winging it here but how about same method of chicken wire others have suggested for rabbits.  Don't mind being shot down as have no experience of rats, my cats took care of them!

pop bottle over each seed?

Mice were eating my pea seeds, (little swines took out a whole row!) I did same as Aqui and started the next lot off in guttering, they didn't seem interested in the plants at all, but the pigeons...................................!!   Or there is that lovely blue stuff you can buy that they enjoy munching on, I had to finally resort to that after they set up squatters rights in my compost heap at home, didn't particulary like the idea, but they just wouldn't move out after repeated attempts to serve them notice in the form of stirring up heap, dousing heap with water, and not feeding said heap! I think it was the sight of the wild beady little eyes looking up at me from my beloved compost, waiting for the next meal that did it for me, I have enough mouths to feed!! So adios Reginald et Famille!  Dottie "rambling" P


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