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I,ve just been reading on the beeb boards about paper and cardboard on your compost heap which i,ve also been doing.Is it ok to put cardboard with a shiny surface on as well or not? Angie

Mrs Ava:
I don't think shiney paper should go on the heap because of the chemicals.  Someone will give you the exact reasons I'm sure.  ;D

The shiny paper simply won`t break down with the rest. My wife once wrapped up some vegetable waste in the cover of a weekend supplement and put it in the compost bin.  When I dug it out 6 months later I could still read it.

shiney paper is waterproof so it won't break down because it won't get wet. Put it in the recycling and put your newspaper and non-glossy paper in the compost.

Right better go through my compost bins and remove the nasty shiny stuff.Well ,LoL I will when the snows gone .Thanx guys. Angie


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