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??? I seem to remember someone posting a website address a couple of months ago, all about building your own pvc greenhouses and polytunnels. i can not find the address on google.  it is totally possible that this was a dream as i do have wierd allotment type dreams, but does anyone else know what i am talking about.

You see i have aquired the totally derelict plot next to mine and i really really want a polytunnel so i can grow peas all year round, but they cost a fortune, so i thought i could build one.  in fact i was even thinking about building a hay bale shed untill someone pointed out to me that i would have made myself very popular with all the rats down there so i have put that one out off my head for a while.
soooooooo much fun planning a new plot i cann't concentrate on much else, went to see it this morning and its covered in snow. took a wee photo on the phone

Garden Manager:
Cor its amazing what phones can do nowadays. used to be they were just for making PHONE CALLS on. Now anything is possible isnt it?

Great pic  ;D

was it this one?

Thanx Ross, it was not that one but that is totally what i am looking for so have printed out and will commence nagging my other half as soon as he gets back.
the other site had photos of attempts at greenhouses, cloches, polytunnels and even bike sheds, so made you feel like you could actually give it a go too.
thanxs again

Hi Minerva - was it this one?

All best - Gavin


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