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Have you measured yours yet Les?it's well past the 80days or are we waiting 'till they flower?Squirrels/Birds are eating the centres of mine . :'( :'(Who's in charge is it you or Legless!!!Since found out its mice.

BB, Think we will have to give it a little longer.  We in the North East are a bit behind.  Mine are doing well, but no flowers yet.  Husband's much better than mine in height but even his have not flowered, but I am green with envy.  :( Would be interested to hear how everyone else is doing.   :) busy_lizzie    

Minw are flowering BL so i will have to measure them now.Unfortunately the 18' one got trampled on by an Elephant as it came out of the wood at the bottom of my garden.

My 10 footer isn't any where near flowering!
(OK it is only 4ft, so I exaggerate!!) I think we should measure when they flower??

Mrs Ava:
BB, get your camera out and take some snaps.  Mine are yonks away from flowering and one is going to be a champ!  I can almost watch it growing, must be 8 foot by now  :o


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