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jersey royal potatoes

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Has anybody grown Jersey Royals?

Are they expensive? :om  :o

Who supplies them ?

Or can anybody suggest a really good flavoured potato to grow.  ::)

Talking of flavour - do growing conditions (soil type/organic matter) make any difference to the taste??

Debs.  ;D

 The flavour of any vegetable will depend upon the reservoir of nutrients in the soil. The greater the salt concentration the more the plant will pick up and the more flavour will we detect when we eat them. Nutrient concentration is naturally lowest in sandy soils and increases through silt, clay and 'muck' soils. Adding organic matter to the first three will increase nutrient cconcentration and result in more detectable flavour.
Great variaitions from the natural habitat of a plant can also affect flavour. Living in a country that gets very hot in the summer, where breeding work has had to address the issue of bitterness in potatoes caused by excess heat (potatoes naturally occur in the cool, higher elevations of the Andes), I wonder if traditional varieties in the UK will prove adaptable to global warming?

I'll try to follow John's expert view with a bit of mundane stuff.

Yes, they are great spuds. We used to export them before WW11. Same price as seed, but more expensive in the market. Often come down to 1/2 price after a week or so. That's when I freeze a large batch when I'm short on earlies.

Sold as 'International Kidney' - Simpson's Seeds, OrganicCatalogue, T&M etc. = Tim

PS - any potato you grow will be delicious!!


I haven't grown them.

I've read the seed potatoes are called 'international kidney' and I've seen them in Homebase recently.

Good luck !  


On the taste,quality question just don`t over water them,around here they grow acres of them and they are watered continually. Sure it bulks up the yield but the flavour leaves a lot to be desired.



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