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Our first flower! Brace yourselves!!

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Mrs Ava:

This was planted on boxing day in a tin and has lived in our conservatory ever since.  And before you all make wisecracks.....I do mean the sunflower! ;) ;D ;) ;D

Ok EJ - I'll resist the urge  ;D  Nice flower, but I don't think it will win the competition :D :D  ;D
PS  Cute kiddie :-*

Looks like a plastic one to me.

Mrs Ava:
Blinking cheek!  She was very proud, and our sons is just begining to emerge.  Father Christmas gave them sunflowers in a tin to grow, and they did.  She is now hoping to save the seed and grow a mini sunflower plantation!  ;D

All the 'bird-seed' plants I have out are well over 3' tall......not a sign of a flower on any of them.
(Please ask the flower expert in the first posting how she has a flower and I don't!) :'(


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