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Debs - we're lacking in the loo dept as well.  When I did ask a committee member about the possiblities the answer seemed to be no on the basis that no-one would clean it!!!

 I really don't know what's available - but I do think committee's and plot holders can go to Mr B to ask his advice about getting funding - he has always been very helpful.  I would guess the £250k has already been allotted (no pun intended!) but he's the man who knows!

Thanks so much for all your comments.  MB, posters sound a good idea to brighten up the place as well as your other ideas.  Gavin, a bbq would be great, but somehow feel we are a long way off from something like that.  Ceri, will e-mail you seperately for Mike Brannigan's e-mail address.  I have heard of him, but never be in touch with him before, I will be sure to mention your name.  We don't have toilets either - I think apart from the expense, our committee members would probably shriek "vandals".

   Is your allotment behind the White Horse Pub, Ceri?  We passed it on Saturday and my husband thought what an ideal location -  being able to pop in to the pub for a drink after your toils, and also having a toilet nearby. Will keep you posted how things progress.  Thanks once again for all your input. :D busy_lizzie

Any news on progress of your Little Lottie Shop legless, have you heard whether they will put in lectrics for you?   :D

Hi MB.  Have been in touch with the Allotment Officer, although his official title is something like, "The outdoor facilities officer" now.  He pointed me in the direction of the "Allotment Regeneration Initiative".  They give Grants out, though we missed the application for this year as it closed on 21st May.

 It seems like quite a complicated process to apply for one, with a few stipulations like opening up facilities to the General Public. I have proposed "Electricity for the Shed" to be one of the points for  discussion when the Committee meet on the 21st June, so I will have to see what the general thoughts are then. It would open up the shed/shops use a great deal if we could get it. Thought your idea of a calor gas stove a good one if electicity is a "no go", as at least we could make tea's etc. We have a plant and seed swap shop, ever third Sunday in the month, and I would love to serve some sort of refreshment to make it a more sociable occasion.  

Thanks so much for your interest MB - will keep you informed of any major breakthroughs.  :D busy_lizzie

Lottie shop is great idea! Have you thought about a small portable generator for electric??  ;) could rent it to other lottie owners for power tools, repair sheds...small plots using electric strimmers, shredding of garden waste etc etc... or solar panel with car battery for lighting shop. There is always the vandels >:( maybe working with council/police on low power CCTV, who knows.
Main thing...enjoy


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