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judging by Jethros experience BL, you need very big bolts and a very solid shed! ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

not sure about planning permission where you are but i was told as long as it don't need concreting into the ground i should be ok. But ask the neighbours. This was the only advice i was told.


Had our Meeting last night. Bad timing as it was  in a Pub  in a room next door to the bar where the England Game was on the telly.  It was so frustrating to hear the cheers and shouts and not know what was happening.

Anyway, Received the message loud and clear "NO WAY ANY ELECTRICITY OF ANY SORT",  would be considered in the Shed, so the rest of the committee said.  :'(  Felt very deflated for a short while -  so it is back to the Drawing Board, wondering what they will allow us to change, if anything, in the Shop.  Sigh!  :( busy_lizzie  


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