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Your shop improvements sound great, presumably you already do something like group purchases of seed, compost etc?
I am most envious of your shop, our little site doesn't even have a toilet(so you do have to time your stays carefully!) Are allotment grants available to private sites as well as council do you know?

Thanks for all your comments. Wish we had a toilet too. We order various gardening things from a local firm, it is mainly compost and fertilisers and the like, but we think the stock hasn't moved with the times, so we are rethinking what to have in stock.  jo2, if you look at you will come to the Allotment Regeneration Initiative and you might get some tips from there.

You have come up with some good ideas, portable electricity generators sound interesting, and solar panels with car battery is an idea too.   :D busy_lizzie

A wind turbine would be a useful measure for providing leccy. Also a great talking point. Doesn't have to be expensive neither. I'm building one for my plot when i get it and have a working model made from salvaged parts found at the local dump. Coupled with a solar panel you can generate and store enough leccy to last well into the night.


Trail rat, you and Jethro have a lot in common!! :o

Thats what I was thinking DorisP.  Sound like Soul Mates don't they!

Wind Turbine sounds intriguing TrailRat, but do you not have to have planning permission?  :) busy_lizzie


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