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Well I wont say no ;)

parsnip wine is on my agenda, asiz runnerbean and tomato. its gonna be a red with legs and if you try to swirl it clockwise.... mahn it wont have it... I know I tried to clockwise anticlockwisers and itjust didnt happen.... note to myself

must brush up on anticlockwisey interrogation tictacs ;)

thanx 4 avin me

babble alert

oZzY %)


You may be interested to know that Beed boarder has promised old family recipe for bean wine (supposedly taste like chablis) and she will post ingredients.

Sounds more like recipe for disaster to me but wtf if it's alcoholic we'll  imbibe it   :)

Sorry don't think toms make good wine, better sun drying them.

Yo suze

recipe 4 bean wine would be cool, cognitive functions were working to a bare minimum last nite, tooooooooooo much soider and I couldn't focus on me screen,  Its me bro-in-law's 40th today.... so its down to the Prince of Wales in the city to start with,  I wuz gonna go and ge a few hours on the lottie b4 we start but itz tippity tappity pouring down here.......

gonna check out the beeb boards


oZzY %)



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