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Hi Minerva

Good luck with the vines, I had eight of the things once but it was a lot of work picking and pressing.

I made some drinkable wine but essentially it is a labour of love.


My lotty is all one great big labour of love, i am obsessed with growing things, mind you about the grapes, I called my sister (she whoes mecca is M&S foodhall) and told her about my wine plan, only to hear that she has vines all over her summerhouse (in Chester? I thought it was cold "up North") all covered in lovely big bunches of grapes, which she won't eat as they don't look quite normal and might have bugs,  and was told that I am quite mad for trying to make wine with other "stuff" as i will probably poison myself!!
xx :o

Oh your sister might grow the grapes but does she know what to do with them. ???
Like with rounded tipped sisors thin out the bunches as they are forming to get the grapes bigger. ;)
You can use vine prunings for making wine.
when you see the flowers appering you trim the shoots back to? cannot remember is it two sets or three sets of leaves so all the growth goes into the bunch of grapes. 8)
I would get a book on the grape lot of bits and pieces you have to do you wont get bored. :D
But to achieve a bunch you will feel good.


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