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:P Does anyone have any advice on buying,growing,keeping alive and healthy grape vines, i have been making wine from allsorts of veg and fruit from my allotment this year, and really want to have a go at "real wine" !
Also does anyone have any ideas on how to get some sort of self watering system on the cheap, when i went away this summer it did not rain here in Bath for the whole time i was away, and i lost loads of stuff, especially my tomatos and sweetcorn.

One way of watering I have seen is a 2lt pop bottle filled with water and submerged into the ground 6 inches. Seen this used on the lottie for tomatoes mellons etc.
Tomatoes in pots or insoil inside a greenhouse a bucket filled with water cappillery matting a strip of in bucket and laid across the soil or pots odd stones to keep it in contact with soil.
Vines take a while to produce enough for a bottle but many outdoor ones around or like black hamburg in a greenhouse roots outside and inside full sun and good ventlation otherwise you will get mildew. Good fun to grow.  8)
But if you want to get grapes lidl have cheep good grapes green or red at the moment but the green are very sweet cheep enough to buy to make wine out of could try Aldi. ;)
Good luck Teresa

Ragged Robin:
    Have just planted 2 vines to growup and cover a new pergola, mainly for decoration any produce will be a bonus!!  :)
   I chose a Reisling and a black variety "Brandt", am in SE London and they're sited to get the morning sun in a sheltered spot. So its a case of watch this space!
 Can't offer any real advice but just felt the urge to share.. :D

;)  Thanks 4 all the advice Teresa, if i could get the greenhouse sorted and a few other problem areas i could then bribe someone else down there, with some of my yummy rhubarb wine and get them to water the rest.  I asked this year and even lent my hosepipe to everyone on my corner, but it was still all dead when i got back, their plots however looked beautiful?

;) robin I too will plant a couple this week, if I could just get my arch and trelis back up-Its very windy on my plot, but also very sunny which is good, I will report back on the types of vine when i can find some? will they be ok starting off now,  I thought i would put them where they are sheltered by the greenhouse and nextdoors shed, but that means they dont get early morning sun? only from about 10 onwards,  Ill let you know how it goes, I do really want to put them there as at the moment every 3 or 4 minites an open top tourist bus goes straight past on the road next to my plot  and all the tourists on the top deck wave at me working and even take photos, I am sure they all think its very cute! but it gets a bit boring waving back, so if the vines will grow they will fill the hole so they cannt c me so clearly and i can sunbathe and grow my veggies in piece.

I have finally planted my vines, four of them, and have taken some photos of them, they are 3 red hybrid types "Triomphe d'Alsace" and a white hybrid " Seyve-Villard" so i will let you know how they go.
I am currently making gallons of blackberry wine sometimes with apple sometimes without, though thats not my own produce, as there are so many bramble bushes around here i seem to always come back from walking the dog with bags full, blackberries seem to work extreemly well, even better I made a mixed summer fruits with raspberrys, strawberrys,blackcurrents and red gooseberries, which is so so yummy, like super strong alcoholic ribena, (its even ever so slightly sparkling).


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