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After being smug about my tomato seed germination, I have lost some of them to damping off.  I'm in the process of potting on the survivors - what do I need to do to ensure that these too don't fall victim to the dreaded fungus?  I've done around half of them so far.  I put them in clean pots and used a reputable loam based John Innes seedling compost with vermiculite (I don't know if that's good or not).  Two questions:

WIll they automatically have some off the fungus on them, and is there anything I can do about it without damaging the roots? 

At what stage do seedlings cease to be at risk from damping off?

FYI, they are all indoors on windowsills, and all have two seedling leaves and are just getting their first true leaves.

I`ll leave this to the experts but for my two penneth-just keep the compost moist-not wet and keep the ambient humidity low.

you can/could buy stuff-Chesunt compound? but you really don`t need it

It`s unusual for toms to damp off if you go with my ideas above-did you sow too thickly?

we only water from below, so's the leaves stay dry  ;D

Thanks for that Cleo and the Manics

I sowed them in 4" pots, about six seeds to a pot - is that too dense?  And I tried to water them without getting any on the actual seedlings - very fiddly.  I may have had the compost too moist to start off with as they've only really needed watering once since I took them out of their plastic bags over a week ago.  Also, used compost from the pound shop, so I think I've learnt my lesson there  :-\

If they survive to the couple of true leaves stage, will they be OK?

I watered my antirrinhum seedlings that were damping off with cheshunt compound, and the remaining seem fine now - no more have fallen victims since I watered!


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