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Chelsea Flower Show 2007

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I 'd love to go to Chelsea this year.
I've never been though I've lived in London for 18 years! So when's the best time to go (I don't like crowds)?

I'm going on the Saturday with my mum.  Really looking forward to it, although not so sure about the crowds!

Deb P:
Ah yes, the crowds.......

I went to Chelsea regularly for about 10 years, but I haven't been back for about 6 years now.

I had an awful experience when I took my grandmother (her first visit) in a wheelchair, on one of the members days. I was appalled at the behaviour of some people, shoving in front of my grandmother after we had waited patiently to get to the front of a stand or showgarden, and just standing there. Lots of women with their planting plans and gardeners in tow, braying loudly that that would do nicely for their town was a completely different experience from previous years, and totally put me off I'm afraid. I now watch on the telly! ::)

I went to Tatton last year that was the same full of ya "all furcoat & no knickers" brigade shoving & pushing.Sat down for a coffee at a table with 4 chairs when this woman(you know the sort "me and the queen don't fart")came across and demanded i move so the 4 of them could sit down.And how do they justify the entry fee,the money they must make, no think i will give it a miss and stick to going to local plant fairs much nicer. :(

Haven't yet been to either, but friedns have suggested that teh Hampton Court Show is much more pleasant?


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