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Chelsea Flower Show 2007

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Looking to go on one of the RHS member days,

Whos going this year?


We were put on a short list for courtyard gardens just in case anybody drops out, so still waiting.  But I will be there on members day as a spectator if we don't get a place.

I got tickets for my birthday for the Saturday when apparently they sell everything off so hoping for some bargains!  Never been before but always watched it on the telly & I'm really looking forward to it. 
Do you  mean you might be building a garden there Ace?  How exciting [tho scarey].  When will you know?  Do let us know what happens.

Got my tickets for the first day several weeks ago.........& Hampton Court. How organised is that!

I arranged a 3 day pass with OH and bought my tickets for the first memebers' day at Chelsea the week they went on sale.   Can't get to any of the others this year but would like to Malvern and Tatton one year.


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