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Just bought a couple of raspberry canes from Morrisons for £1.19.I gather now is not a good time to plant them out.What should i do with them for now? Thanks

Garden Manager:
Winter is usualy the best time to plant raspberry canes as this is when they are dormant, and will not suffer a shock or check, that might occur if planted whilst actively growing.

the only problem with planting is the soil conditions. Do not plant if the soil is wet or frozen. If your soil is either of these then you need to find some way of stopping the roots from drying out. If the canes are in a pot of compost then it is not a problem just keep the compost moist. I f they are bareroot (most likely), then this is more difficult. Common theory says they should be 'heeled in' or temporarily planted until you can plant them properly. This is fine if you can do this but at this time of year it is likely if you cannot plant them properly you cant heel them in either, so another method must be found.

Wrapping them in something like damp newspaper and then puting them (canes and newspaper) in a plastic bag might be ok, but check them regularly and rewet if nessesary. Dont whatever you do leave them permanently in water, as they will rot off, by all means soak them for a short time, but dont leave them in the water.

Of course try to plant as soon as conditions are good. Add plenty of compost, and try not to plant them too deep. Look for an old soil mark on the stem and plant to this depth (this is the depth they were growing at in the nursery).  Keep well watered after planting.

hope this helps

Thanks for your reply.

Also on the subject of raspberries, I inherited a load of raspberry canes on my allotment that produced quite a bit of fruit last year.  I cut down obviously old canes in the autumn to allow for new growth but am now told by a neighbour that all the canes should be cut down to about a foot tall.  Is this correct and will I still get fruit if I cut them down at this time of year?  

please help as I dont know what I am doing!!

are they summer fruiting or autumn if they are summer they fruit on last years wood if they are autumn they fruit on this years growth and all old growth cut to 2inchs.Angie


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