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How do I get into it?

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I am a HR person still, and there are fewer entry level jobs about for generalists - lots of companies saving money by outsourcing or palming work off on line managers.  Lots of graduates keen to get in with no experience and no qualifications.  Pay to get part qualified, get lucky and someone will give you a chance - that is how I did it.  Not cheap, but has serious financial returns after a few years.  Cert Personnel Practice is c£500 and will get you into a HR Admin role if you are lucky. 

Gardening quals - my former neighbour worked in a few of the local garden centres (owned by Wyevale), she had her NVQs and plenty of experience, and was on 50p an hour more than minimum wage.  She then went to work for a local specialist and has bought into the business, which finally has given her some financial return.  Try talking to local careers people about modern apprenticeship route.  Unfortunately your GCSEs may count against you in funding terms, as you already hold an NVQ II equiv qualification.  Try and bulk up your cv by doing some voluntary stuff - eg helping a local school with building a garden etc.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.


I'm a bit late into the discussion as I've not logged onto A4A for a few days.  There seem to be hurdles every way you turn.

I did have an idea which may or may not help. I'm involved with Nantwich in Bloom (a voluntary body) and we are always looking for people to help out in all sorts of areas.  Are there any local towns or villages involved in this RHS sponsored competition?  (Do a google for "in Bloom", usually there are details and contacts.)

I've found that voluntary bodies usually welcome any help, and enthusiastic and knowledgeable help will be a bonus for them.  They may also welcome ideas from new blood so you may have a chance to get some sort of experience and feedback.

As well as getting your hands dirty, you will no doubt meet people with similar interests to yourself.  As well as perhaps having the chance to get personally involved, you may meet people who could possibly help you.

For example, we are into biodiversity along the local river, wildflower meadows (wet and dry); planting beds, planting bulbs, organizing local competitions and fund raising events,  working with sponsors including local garden centres, and generally trying to improve the environment for the benefit of the community. 

I'd like to know how you get on if you do follow this up. :)

Good luck - Willawiz

sounds interesting willawiz. i'll definately look that up. i don't have time for this at the moment to be honest as i'm moving from one county to another....but once i'm settled in leicester....hopefully i'll look for info there. obiouvsly i'm assuming they may have cheaper courses in leicester aswell.

wahaj - lots of gardening courses in Leics, plus I was in Stapleton garden c the other day (wyevale owned) and they had lots of jobs advertised, get in in any vaguely related job, work hard, then get moved into the bit you want to work in.


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