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Not strictly speaking a course but does involve the RHS so appologies if this is in the wrong place.

Just to ask if anyone else has had there surplus seed list from the RHS??

Got mine this morning and gosh i am excited :-)

If your a member of the RHS and not had the list yet have a look



I have paid for shipping/admin and eventualy picked out my seeds.

Just have to wait for delivery

First Choice Seed list:
46 Zinnia peruviana, A., red, to 60cm.
48 Allium hollandicum, bulbous, purple, 75cm.
51 Alstroemeria aurea, H., orange, 90cm.
52 Alstroemeria psittacina, H., green and red, to 90cm.
54 Arisaema consanguineum, bulbous, green flushed purple-brown, to 1m.
73 Lilium martagon, bulbous, purple, pink or white, 30-70cm.
74 Lilium regale, bulbous, white, 1m.
78 Narcissus asturiensis, bulbous, yellow, to 14cm.
84 Paradisea lusitanica, bulbous, white, 60cm.
313 Melissa officinalis (lemon balm), H., white, 60cm.
432 Verbena hastata, H., purple, 1-1.5m.
451 Canna mixed, H., tender, to 2m.
455 Crocus mixed, bulbous, colours various.
468 Kniphofia mixed, H., yellow and red, 1-1.5m.
474 Paeonia mixed, S. or H., colours various.
613 Eucalyptus gunnii, T., attractive bark, to 25m.
619 Hydrangea paniculata, S., white, 2-3m.
626 Kalmia latifolia, S., pink, 4m.
659 Pieris japonica, S., white, 1.5-3.6m.
664 Rosa rubiginosa, S., pink, fragrant, red or orange fruit, 2-3m.

Alternative Numbers list: (In Order of Preference)
465 Ipomoea mixed, A., climber, colours various.
452 Chaenomeles mixed, S., white to red, to 1.2m.
431 Verbena bonariensis, A., or H., purple, 2m.
242 Geranium phaeum, H., dark purple or pink, 60cm.
458 Eremurus mixed, H.
665 Rosa rugosa, S., suckering, pink or white, large red fruits, to 2m.
244 Geranium psilostemon, H., magenta, 60-90cm.
265 Hosta fortunei, H., mauve, 1m.
264 Heuchera sanguinea, H., bright red, to 60cm.
21 Hyoscyamus niger, A. or B., pale yellow and purple, 30-60cm.
86 Triteleia hyacinthina, bulbous, white, 70cm.
87 Triteleia ixioides, bulbous, yellow, 60cm.
467 Iris mixed, H., colours various, to 2m.
442 Agapanthus mixed, H., blue or white, 30-90cm.
444 Alstroemeria mixed, H., yellow or orange, to 1m.
266 Hosta sieboldii, H., purple or white, to 50cm.
47 Allium cristophii, bulbous, purple, to 40cm.
65 Fritillaria imperialis, bulbous, red or yellow, 1.5m.
83 Ornithogalum magnum, bulbous, white, 1m.
81 Nectaroscordum siculum, bulbous, white, to 1.2m.

Garden Manager:
I had some seed from them a couple of years ago (during my brief time as a member). i chose grasses and some more unusual perennials. Too unusual in fact, they needed specila treatment to get growing, which i why i havent sown many, in fact i only started sowing them this year. Tricky to leave them that long i know, but I thougth If i only got a few plants from them then i would have got my money's worth.

i sowed two types of stipa, deshampsia, and carex pendula, plus jacobs ladder (polemonium), a type of foxglove and some annual cosmos (bipinatus). These were the easiest of the collection to grow. All except the deshampsia and cosmos germinated well and i now have lots of stipa, carex foxgloves and jacobs ladder. I worked out what it might have cost to buy these as plants as figured that even if nothing else from the collection grew i will have more than recouped my initial outlay for the seeds.

Good luck!

i know what you mean.

I am lucky that i have picked some that are bulbs so its a little easier to get going.

Over christmas i will work out what i need to do with each and where i need to put them, a bit of fun and i know that some of them will take a while to get gowing and i am just not that patient.

Garden Manager:
I know i am not a member but i have had a look at the list on the website. Nothing much different to when i got mine but i see the cost has gone up. I am sure it was only £5 when i did mine, and that was only a couple of years ago.

Some of my remaining seed seems to require some form of stratifiaction, something i am not patient enough to do artificialy, so plan to so some of the seed early next year and put them in my just frost free greenhouse. If late winter 2007 is anything like 2006 there should be enough cold to kick start some of the seed.  I have already organised them and soted out which seed needs what treatment.


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