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Hello, first off thanks to whoever opened this section  :)

I'm doing this course by distance learning and have just sent in the first set of mid-module questions.

If these anyone else out there, I'd like to hear from you  :)

Any hints, tips, magazines or books you've bought etc and how you keep your interest.


We have people that are doing RHS courses to work along side of us. They find it a great help in understanding some of the jargon.

Find a landscape business, garden designer, even a big estate in your area and volunteer a few hours each week, you will find the skills you aquire invaluable.

The last girl we had is now working as the gardener on the site we were creating when she was learning. She was a very quick learner and also doing a distance course. She said it made it more real for her.

Hi Linda 32, yes i asked Dan to place this section as I'm doing the RHS g2 course as well, Ive just finished assignment 6 (garden design) and found it intense, and wanted help, so when i do assignment 7 I'll be asking for more help, the books i use can be seen on my blog site (look for Windy's spot link) if you need some help just PM me and i'll see if i can help

I did this two years ago and typed up my notes and have emailed them to a couple of people on here previously. I believe the syllabus has changed a bit this year, though.

Hello all,

I do volenteer gardening at our Millennium Green throughout the summer. The second Saturday of the month from April to October.  :)

I've just got my first set of results back 18/30 was my mark which I was quite pleased about. The tutor pointed out where I'd gone wrong, so I know what to look at now. But also the facts I'd got right  :)


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