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Mrs Ava:
I have been using cd's strung on canes or in my apple trees to keep the birds away.  Then, over the autumn and winter I noticed the cds scatterred around my plot.  Curious.  I spoke to the site secretary about it as her garden backs onto the site, and apparently the magpies have been paying a lot of attention to the shiney cds.  Hmmm...defeats the object really doesn't it as I was hoping they would scare the birds, not encourage the big ones!  I think I shall be building a scarecrow.  :-/

Hi EJ,

The magpies in my garden do the same sort of thing -especially with shiney objects - can be a real pain sometimes.  :-X
They've also found a way of unhooking the fat balls and coconut halves I have hanging from the bird table.
They can't get at them from above so they fly up to them, knock them with their beaks. They do this time and time again  until they dislodge them and the fly off with them. No matter what I try they find a way round it. I suppose it shows how intelligent they are but they're a problem I could do without.


EJ, I have told Di a thousand times not to play with your CD's!!
Do Magpie's eat your veg?? I have wretched pidgeons!! Oh and collared doves. DP

Well, hopefully the Magpies will keep the pigeons away.

Mrs Ava:
Nope, we have trillions of pigeons to, and they are smart...the b*ggers sit on the chaps cabbage coverers and munch the tops out!  In fact, there are birds everywhere!  There were several robins bobbing about as I was weeding today, Jays and Magpies in the trees, Crows flapping overhead and blackbirds....or they could have perhaps been starlings, in my apple trees!  I fear for my seeds, I really do!   :o  At least there are no signs of rabbits.....yet!


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