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when do hibernating things wake up?

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i have a big pile of stuff with frogs in that i need to move before i can dig over about 1/5 of my plot but i don't want to move it until they start to wake up  ;D any ideas when would be safe? i can wait until may but i'd rather do it sooner than that if they will move out sooner!

I think it depends on quite a few things Legless. The weather, where you are in the country, the wetness of the soil or whatever it is they're in.

Some folks (on another site) have frogs mating and laying down spawn already!

Here in Scotland, not a twitch of a little amphibious toe so far - it's usually about March  before we see any real activity.

Don't know if this is any help to you whatsoever!  ??? Cheers Eileen.

yes it is eileen, i am in newcastle so probably similarish to you, thanks!

Jo, We have a couple of ponds in our garden and we have frog spawn in them every year and usually at the middle to end of February the activity starts.  We can hear the deep croaky noise they make.  It is fantastic as it reveberates all over the garden.  

I think it all depends on the weather and the temperature though.  If it is too cold they stay put and because I think we are experiencing quite icy weather at the moment they are still probably in hybernation mode. Ours seem to spend the winter in our compost heap.  If it is at all possible I would wait a little while longer before moving anything.   :)  busy_lizzie

The toad migration usually starts mid feb to mid march but here in NL it started last week due to the mild weather. It's stopped now as there's a cold snap but I expect it to start again at the weekend.



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