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Admin aka Dan:
Hi All,

I've upgraded the site donation / subscription facility.  If you donate you gain access to direct picture posting making adding an image to your posts as easy as attaching a picture to an email.

The cost of subscription is,

1.50 per month


10 per year

To subscribe simply click,


Or click the subscribe button at the top of the screen.

If you want to donate, but don't like paypal, then please send me a PM and I'll send my address.



Worth paying subscription. Only takes seconds to load photos.   :) :)

Dan , i do not use paypal need addy ASAP, please. Thank you.

I,v paid my £10 through paypal. what happens now? I,v still no idea how to post pics. I.m a self confessed thicko and think i must have done something wrong
if so could you tell me what (in very simple language)
margaret :-[

When you post a message, below the message box is an arrow. Click where it reads ADDITIONAL OPTIONS.

Click on BROWSE, find your picture, double click to add.

If you wish to add more than one, click MORE ATTACHMENTS next to the browse option till you have posted all.


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