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Guess what I saw today?

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OK, OK. I know many of you have already had these little visitors in your gardens but it's the first time I've seen them in mine this year!!  ::)


By the time I got indoors, set the camera, focused - Yeah you've guessed they flew away!!!!  :'( :'(

I'll have my eyes glued to the patio doors tomorrow to see if they come back.  :D


I`m very jealous Eileen, I haven`t seen any for a while  :'(

How lovely Eileen - I must admit I have never been lucky enough to see these birds in my garden.  I did however have a visit by three Goldfinches at the same time last year on Christmas Day.  

Yesterday, our regularly visiting c*ck pheasant was strolling on his lordly way towards the bird table when a stray golden pheasant appeared from out of the herbaceous border.  A battle royal ensued, and lasted for 5 minutes until (mainly for the sake of the crocuses) I banged on the kitchen window.  The golden pheasant was last seen galloping across the lawn with the ordinary pheasant in hot pursuit and uttering warlike cries.

Wow Hugh, it's not every day you see something like that going on!!

Mind you, I hope the Golden Pheasant survives as they are beautiful birds.

Cheers Eileen.


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