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- there are times when one is justifiably proud -

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- and then, there are the others. Remember what they looked like a few months ago? Leaning, but luxurious!

So what do we do for greens for the next 2 months?  It doesn't really show the full delapidation, but hope it makes others feel proud of their achievement. = Tim

Garden Manager:

I find that very difficult to answer.
Assuming that it's a serious question, and related to gardening, rather than the fact that 'I won the Battle of Britain or raised 4 children single handed' - I'm proud of my web album, given my age.

What are you proud of?? = Tim

You have every reason to feel proud Tim.  I can't believe you are over eighty, as the attitute and energy that comes through in your messages is so vital.  8) Your a real cool guy!

You have packed a whole lot into your decades of  life and may it long continue.  Please read the homily at the bottom of my page.

Garden-wise I am always interested and respectful of your advice and gardening tips.  Although there are signs that spring is on its way, veggies-wise it seems to be still, in the main, a rather static time, but just give it a month or two and then do doubt it will be all systems go.  I think Richard would not be much of an asset in the Diplomatic Corp.,  ::) but probably didn't mean to cause any offence.  

Here Here, busy_Lizzie and Oz for standing up for a true gentleman.

Richard, if YOU have any honour, then you will reply to Tim's question - 'What are YOU proud of?'


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