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Sunflower Competition Registration of Sowing Dates and Details.

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Date sown:  21 March 2004
Measure date: TBA

Variety: Giant Single
Source: Wilkos Easy Grow for Kids
Cost: £2-3; cant remember.

Sown: In its own proporgator kit.
Location: Girls bedroom and bathroom windowsill.

Thought that i had registered once but here goes again;

Type of seed;-T&M'sRussian Giant.
Date sown;-23/03/04
Place sown;-Greenhouse.
Contestants Budgiebreeder and friend's children.

Sown: Today.

Type: Unknown. (Seeds from a flower from last year which came from a bag of bird food.)

Sowed: In greenhouse.

Cost: Nowt.

Date sown:  27th March 2004
Variety: Unwins- Starburst Lemon Aura
Cost:  £2.49 (20 seeds)
Place sown: In greenhouse in small pots.

Date Sown   29th March 2004

Variety T&M Russian Giant

Place Sown In unheated greenhouse

Contestants Doris Pinks and Children


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