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The joy of leek germination

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I've been away for the weekend, and the leek seeds I sowed in my propogator on Friday night have germination - how quick is that?  Its the first time I've had a propogator and I'm so pleased with my new toy.  Husband is not impressed though - he really doesn't think the propogator should live on top of the piano in the sitting room.  He also thinks that the design bench in the office shouldn't actually be used to grow on basil.  Strange man.  What else is a nice long bench in front of a window is for?  He doesn't know the tomato plans yet!!

Very strange husband you have! :-/

I wonder what mine'll think when I've got the entire worksurface in the kitchen covered with pots of germinating seeds and seedlings. Well it's not my fault I don't have a greenhouse and the kitchen is the sunniest room in the flat.

He was most amused by the potatoes chitting on the spare room window ledge. I think he thought he'd misheard me first of all...  ;)

Mrs Ava:
Wow ceri, mine took about 10 days to poke through, and so far only half are through.  Mind, they are in my unheated greenhouse.  Some men, very odd.  ;)

There's not a window cill in the house which hasn't got a sed tray on it  ;D the wife now accepts that she married a 'nutter'  ;D

OK, so the fab new leeks are in the fab new propogator - my son and I investigate morning and evening as a mother and son bonding ritual (and yes they even smell like leeks already!) - they are about 1/2 inch high - I've never grown leeks before and my allotment is next to the official leek show champion for my area so I must have decent leeks (for eating mind, not showing) or I'll get laughed off the lottie(!), I have some questions long do I leave them in the propogator in their seed tray?
2.  do I need to start lowering the heat, if so when
3.  when do I pot them on
4. do the potted on leeks get put back in the propogator at the same heat, or just on the windowsill (no greenhouse)
Bear in mind my seed tray was Wales, my seed bed was Birmingham and I've been transplanted to the north east so I have lots of regions' honour to uphold in the leek capital of the world up here!


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