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Growing (House)plants from cuttings.


Working here at the Home Office, me and me workmates want to take a cutting of a ladies plant for our desks- it might help brighten our drab existence here. It is a Lemon Verbena.

How would i go about taking a cutting to plant in another pot?

Just for now why not put a piece in water and see if it develops water roots, then you could pot it up. Otherwise standard cutting procedure is quite easy.

Eric, if he`s at the home office he`ll have to put three pieces in water. Otherwise I quite agree - and put it in the best natural daylight possible. It will probably send out roots in 6 - 8 weeks time, and when you pot it on you will need to keep the compost fairly wet for a week or two, gradually drying off as the plant becomes acclimatised.

When you put it in the water, place some cling film over the top of the jar/vase/pot/whatever and pierce holes in it to put the cuttings through. That way the tops and foliage won't go in the water and rot. When they've rotted, cut the cling film, rather than pulling the cutting through and damaging either the rots of leaves.


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