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Hi, I've been turning a lot of my notes into a web site - it was getting too disorganised on paper and I'd love to be able to get feedback from other people.

Basically, my back garden (in the W Mids) is already exotic-ish (bamboo, japanese maple, fatsia, nandina, ivy, hostas, grasses and ferns) and I'm due to re-do a friend's garden later in the year (near Bristol). He hates gardening so it has to be easy-care, but I wanted to do something that looks exotic   ??? so I started making notes.

It's not complete - I've still got to type out my notes on ferns, grasses and climbers for a start. However, my other half hates gardening and I've got no-one to bounce ideas off of. If anyone wants to comment on my ideas I'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks, Anna


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