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fingle's cave?


I know that photo posting has swung between Gallery, News & Shed but, since we are talking about the nuts & bolts, rather than an exhibition area, is this not the preferred site?

If so, and since my HP system seems to work OK despite my almost total lack of expertise, I (and undoubtably others) may be able to point fingle in the right direction. Worth a try? = Tim

Very definitely, tim. It worked first time for me - for which many thanks.

Alternatively, of course, fingle could subscribe and get the new little `attach` gadget.

All I could think was maybe Fingle was linking to a webpage, rather than the actual picture. ???

That would explain why it's taking Tim (who must have a cookie) to his page, but the rest of us (who don't have a cookie) to the site's homepage.

- used to have a 'cookie' - before we were married. Some would say 'nice bit of crumpet', but I wouldn't be so common!! = Tim

Ohhhhhhhhhh you had to mention crumpets again Tim!!  Butter n freezer...may have to have one ;D


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