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Hi folks - first the banks; then eBay, now Paypal.

Just had an e-mail claiming to be from Paypal, asking me to verify my credit card details online.  Not a good idea!  Don't even think about it.

All best - Gavin

I tried to make a donation using PayPal the other evening, and it sure did frighten me.   Despite entering all my details very carefully, it threw my request out saying that my Bank had refused to accept the payment (despite adequate funds).   Then just before a page disappeared, I noticed that a date had altered, and that would have caused my Bank to throw the request out.  

Then I had a couple of e-mails from them, noticed that they were connected to e-bay, and got frightened.   So I "closed my account" - then they wanted to know why I had closed my account.    I'm going to contact Dan to look for an alternative method.

Mrs Ava:
Colin, somewhere on the site  ??? possibly in news, Dan has posted a PO Box addy for postal donations.  ;D

That's odd - I tried making a donation through Paypal not so long ago as well.  Didn't work - but I didn't pay too much attention to what was going on.

Hmmm - postal order for this geek freak too, then.  Colin - Dan's put an address in News/Donations to the Site.

All best - Gavin

Not me personally, but friends have had some serious problems with PayPal. Like buying on an auction site only to have more money deducted than was allowed.((allegedly)). Also getting re-embursement, in their case, is still proving a problem. It's not too big a deal to create a safe payment method where a credit card can be used for payment. Amazon for example couldn't function without such security. For the wary, people with a UK bank a/c I would have thought a cheque the safest method of payment.


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