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- any recommendations for a pictorial idiot's guide to computers? Needed for XP.

Had a thing in the mail today, with very clear 'cards', and CDs, but it's a 'collect each month' thing - I need it all NOW! = Tim

Depends on what you NEED to know, Tim. You can spend weeks (and a fortune) buying and studying the manuals and not learn the bits you NEED. If you have XP decide what you want to do with it and toss aside what you don't want.

tim, try "Windows XP For Dummies"  by Andy Rathbone - started me off when I finally changed from my old Commodore Amiga. Mainly in text but with plenty of illustrations, and very clear, but very much for the beginner. Cost was £18.99 two years ago.

Troubleshoting Windows XP by Stephen W Sagman.
Microsoft press is a very good book
regards Len

Thanks for all that.

Trouble is, until you see what is possible, it's difficult to know what you want! I'm finding things weekly - even things like slide shows of photos.

But point taken - for instance, these days I don't use Excel for costings. And I'm sure I can refine it further. But I do like lots of pictures of the workings 'on screen'. - Tim


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