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What is the easiest non jargon, inexpensive, way to create your own website? Anyone out there with any brilliant ideas? :-)  Dottie P

Hi Doris_pinks - a simple question.  But even more opinions than among gardeners!

For what it's worth, a few personal ideas.
[*]Pick up an HTML manual from a remainders bookshop.  I'd look for anything weighty on HTML4 - weight as in kilos!  Use it to learn the basics of HTML (the coding language), site design (page "look" and "feel"), and architecture (what files where!), and uploading sites to a server.  
[*]Have a look at 1st Page 2000 - free, and downloadable at great for creating files.
[*]and there's loads more I could suggest!
Personally, I'd avoid like the plague the "easy" solutions (using MS Word, sites that offer free hosting and templates, etc etc etc).  

When I started a few years ago, the whole thing about setting up a website was pretty simple - feel free to drop me a PM if it's getting too complicated!  Happy to help out!

All best - Gavin

Sorry - missed a key part!  Your ISP may well offer free space for hosting your web-site - it can all be done for no expense whatsoever.  But I am mean!!!!

Oh err Gavin! I was hoping to avoid  HTML!!  but I guess I have to get me teeth around it! :-)  Thanks for your advice,much appreciated!  I shall see what I can find  ;D  DP

Hi again - don't let the huge range and apparent complexity of HTML put you off.  

Getting started, and getting enough HTML to make a good first stab at a web-site, is not that difficult - honest!  Just keep to the simple bits, to begin with!

There are lots of editors which allow you to create web-pages without knowing HTML - you can even use Word.  But (IMHO!) they are desperately inefficient and create huge files which are hard to edit/correct/update.

But - there's lots of other people on here who have made web-sites; they could well offer different advice!

All best - go on, have a go!  

Hi Dottie - don't have my own website, but do use HTML for my eBay listings.  It really is quite logical and once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll wonder what the fuss was about.

I have to agree with Gavin - if you use an editor it creates just about the most complicated and lengthy code you've ever seen - talk about can't see the wood for the trees!  (I know this becuase eBay's bulk listing software uses an editor and it took me ages to find an error...)

Go for it  - and then you can teach me!   :D

AC x


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