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Right l will start the ball rolling, I am a bit computor thick could someone please tell me what an avater is and how to change it .  
i have tryed to change my profile and it says that my avater is to big, please help  :-[

can't be too big richard, is here!

Admin aka Dan:
The avatar is the picture which appears under your name in posts - and in the forum it can only be 100 by 100 pixels !

Limit to do with forum peformance and bandwith limitations.



I'm getting the same thing Richard but don't know how to change the size so that I can edit my profile.

My piccy doesn't look any bigger than others so (me being really thick) I don't understand.


Richard/Eileen, I also got that message. I had to save the picture to my computer. Then by clicking properties, then open to.... microsoft editing bit, I could alter the size to 100 x 100 or 80x80 pixels, depending on what you want. Then I copied this to my hpphoto album, then created auction to friends, then did thumbnail size, copied url and then put that in the piccie space on the site. It worked!!!!
Does that make sense? Even tho your avatar is still showing, you need to modify it in order to be able to edit your profile. The fewer pixels, then the less space it takes up so assume that is why. It might make the piccie go a bit fuzzy thats all.
hope so, Dan helped, as did my hubby, but it does work!


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