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I love sunflowers & want to grow some on my new lottie, i know the birds love the seeds so am a bit worried that my fellow allotmentiers will not be best pleased with me  >:( for attracting to many birds.Are birds generally a good thing on the lottie?

Most of the plots on my site have sunflowers every year,only birds most of the lottie peeps complain about are the wood pigeons,never seen them on sun :)flowers.

Sunflower, I love to see the birds on my lottie, and have a Robin and lady blackbird that follow me around eating the nasties when I am digging, so I would say those are GREAT birds to have!
I have Wood Pidgeons....grrrrrrrrrr  it is the only bird call that drives me crazy!! One sits on an oak above my plot an woo woo's all day >:(  And of course eats my struggling brassicas! Loads of sunflowers on our site too, the seeds wont be a problem until the flowers have faded and gone, then you can always cut the seedheads off and hang them in your own garden if you are worried. I am going to start mine off in pots this year, as I find they tend to be slug fodder :'(  Hope this helps! Dottie P

Go for it, sunflower.  My littl'un has had them for a few years - we cut off some of the seed heads for ourselves, and hang the rest around the plot for birds in autumn/winter.

While they're growing and flowering, birds aren't interested, and in late summer there's so much food around they can't be bothered flying up six feet to get a few seeds!

All best - Gavin

When I bought my Dalek type compost bin from the Council last year, I got a packet of sunflower seeds for free, planted 'em and 14 grew.   The tallest grew to 12'/14'  and had to be supported by tying them to the fence.   Some of the flowers were the size of dinner plates.  

The seed heads are drying out in the greenhouse, and I shall be sowing some soon.   Next door's chickens don't think much too them as a food source.

When it came to cutting them down, I had to use a pruning saw, the stumps are not rotting, and neither are the trunks which have a diameter of approx 1".   Perhaps I won't be sowing any seeds after all.


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