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Old Signs Wanted By Collector

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Old Enamel Signs:
Hi there, we have been collecting old advertising signs for 30 years now and have bought many of them off allotment owners. It seems that the old enamel advertising signs produced in the thousands between 1880 and 1930 ended up on allotments. The enamel and iron backed signs have often stood the test of time and can still be found blocking up holes in shed walls, roofs and fences.

These signs can be worth a lot of money to us. We are also trying to catalogue all the pictorial signs from this period and would appreciate any help from allotment owners who may have found them.

Please email me on or call 07941 971039

I do not think the site is for things like this just for members to sell to each other.
I am sure i will be corrected if i am wrong, but that is what we were given to understand.

Dear Rosebud,

I think you are right in that the main function of E-Buybumbay is to sell from members to other members, I can't see anything wrong with a member making a few quid selling an old sign covering a hole in the shed, and spending the money on mending the shed. I speak as someone with an old BP Petroleum Spirit Union Jack enamelled sign, removed this afternoon having seen it may be of value, and not wanting to lose it to some thieving git like so many bits and pieces over the years.


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

What a lovely hobby, I do hope some of the members here can help you out and make a few bob for themselves and for the site at the same time.  I love those old signs and I'm also fond of old posters such as those printed to encourage people to travel to the seaside etc and old theatre bill posters.  I'm not a collector though.  As others have said I think this thread was intended as an extension to the swap shop but I see no harm in your request. 

G xx


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