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sheen X300 flamegun

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Wow, that's a bargain!  Even the shabbiest ones on eBay go for 60 or 70 quid.  I bought one in nice condition last year for over £100.  Mind you, I don't begrudge it - it's superb at what it does.

Hi Growmore,  :D

I hope he gets good use of it. I cleared my plot using slash and burn and I still think its a good method. The old boys come and look at my onions - I think its the ash in the soil. Not that a flamer is meant to be used as flame thrower of course   :-X


You gave it away but good-on yer, no rip off prices on this site!
Tell the buyer to use 28 sec fuel oil if he's got it.
Paraffin, unless you can buy in good quantities is a rip-off!


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