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sheen X300 flamegun

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I used it last year with no probs worked well .Pressures up ok ..Not got a lot of use for it now .
10% of  sale price to  Dan ..buyer to pay P and P or can pick it up ..Cheers Jim..

Dear Growmore,

You never said how much you want, What's the price then?


not really thought of a price ..Its open to offers .cheers Jim

Hi all, I did a quick search,

Priced new at £149

Also seen at £142, and £155.

Very desirable, too rich for me,  :-[


Hi Col, I didn't want owt like that for it, The reason I put it  to offers and didn't put a price on it,  Was so I could make sure it went to someone on here who needed it to use .Not to a get rich quick Ebayer seller who lurk the boards to resell stuff. (There are some about ). A guy locally is having it next week for £30 .. Would that have been too rich for You ;)  ..Cheers Jim


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