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Hi all,

I have lots of well-loved Amiga Computer
stuff but no storage space if anyone would like to buy
it cheaply. Make me an offer I can`t refuse, I won`t refuse
it.  ;D I don`t know what the postage would be but some of its quite heavy.
I`m happy to split it so just ask if you`d like something specific.

I have amongst other stuff:
Amiga 1200 with hard drive fitted.
Squirrel scsi connector,
scsi cdrom drive
scsi scanner, epson 3 pass, huge but very high quality, also with Pc drivers.
Original all legal software, Photogenics, Deluxe Paint, Wordsworth, Amiga Operating System 3.0 and 3.1. No pirated disks.
Boxes of magazine cover disks covering several years.
Miscellenous hardware and software for networking Amiga-Pc, Siamese system, scsi cables etc.

Also rare collectors item, BBC modem in original Box, for BBC computers.

I`ll be sad to see all it go.  :'(



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